Helping you to tell your story in the best way possible

Relax! You’ve done the hard work, so now it’s time to let someone else help. Are you looking for a careful and supportive editor to enhance your voice and give your writing a professional edge, enabling you to share and publish with confidence? Maybe you’ve just completed your first manuscript, or you’re a more experienced writer; either way, I can help you with developmental, line and copy editing, and editorial consultancy.

I specialise in fiction and creative non-fiction, including thrillers, mystery and suspense, and travel memoir and food writing. Whether you plan to submit to agents or self-publish, I can offer a personal, flexible solution based on your individual requirements, priorities and goals. 

You’re not on your own! I only take on a few clients each year because I’m invested in your writing future and building a long-term relationship. I love working with an author early on and seeing a project through to publication. I’m all about helping you shape your narrative through the developmental stage, enhancing your writing during line and copy editing, and being there if you need advice or someone to ensure your cover and sales blurb is effective. While I’ll always recommend someone else does the proofread, I’m here to offer support, whether during the self-publishing process or if you’re approaching agents. 

Rest assured that any amendments and suggestions will be clearly marked up for you to either accept or reject. It’s always your work – you have complete control. My role is to help you connect with your readers in an engaging and accessible way, without altering your unique style or voice. And my aim is to help you become a better writer. Think of it as a collaboration, where I have your best interests at heart.

Editor Nicky Taylor leaning against a wall and holding a book

Nicky's help was central to the (very unexpected) success of Shock Therapy. She really contributed to the shape of the narrative, as well as having a great eye for detail. I'm now in discussion on TV and film rights and have decided to spend next year writing full-time. When I’ve got a decent draft of the sequel, The Beijing Book Club, I won't hesitate to go straight back to Nicky for round two. I couldn't recommend Nicky highly enough.’

Confused about the different types of editing? No wonder, as often editors can’t agree! If you’re unsure about what type of editing your manuscript needs, and for an overview of the services I offer, hopefully this summary of my editing services will help. And if you already know what you’re looking for, click on the buttons below to see full details of individual services.

‘Developmental editing is an art involving a high level of expertise, skill, and alchemy. Nicky has it all. It’s rare to find someone who can so easily move between a narrative arc and small – but vital – details, especially in a mystery novel. Her stylistic edits make your prose flow with ease, and her comments always teach you something in the process. I highly recommend giving your next manuscript to Nicky so she can work her magic!

Black and white photo of editor Nicky Taylor looking between the fanned pages of a book

I’m an Advanced Professional Member of the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP), which means I’ve achieved the requisite amount of training, experience and expertise to satisfy their rigorous admissions panel, and a vetted Partner Member of the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi), so you can be confident that your work is in safe hands. You can find out more about my qualifications and training here. 

The authoreditor relationship can be an intimate one, and forming a connection is important, for both of us. So, to help you decide, I share a bit about me here too. 

‘The most important member of any publishing team is the editor. Nicky patiently picks my book to pieces, cuts out irrelevant ramblings, lets me know if I stray into irrelevance, and suggests where I need to elaborate. When she presents me with the final product, it’s been transformed. So, if you enjoy my books, give a thought to Nicky, who made them the best they can be.