Relax! You’ve done the hard work, so now it’s time to let someone else help. If you’re looking for a careful and supportive editor to enhance your voice and give your writing a professional edge, enabling you to share and publish with confidence, I can help. Whether you plan to submit to agents or self-publish, or if your writing takes a different form, I can offer a flexible solution based on your individual requirements, priorities and budget.

I specialise in fiction and creative non-fiction. Whether you’re a novice or a more experienced writer, I can help with the following:

  • developmental editing
  • manuscript critiques
  • line and copy-editing
  • proofreading
  • author services (synopses, query letters, blurbs etc.) 
  • editorial consultancy 

Rest assured that any amendments and suggestions will be clearly marked up for you to either accept or reject. It’s always your work – you have complete control. My role is to help you connect with your readers in an engaging and accessible way, without altering your unique style or voice. And hopefully I can help you to become a better writer in the process. Think of it as a collaboration, where I have your best interests at heart.

I’m a Professional Member of the UK’s only recognised editorial organisation and chartered institute, the Society for Editors and Proofreaders (SfEP), which means I’ve achieved the requisite amount of training, experience and expertise to satisfy their admissions panel, and a vetted Partner Member of the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi), so you can be confident that your work is in safe hands.

Don’t just take my word for it; check out what other writers have to say about working with me on my Testimonials page.

I live in Palma, Mallorca, and I also provide editorial services for creative individuals and businesses who are based here. If English isn’t your first language, no problem; I have a lot of experience of working with non-native English speakers. You can see more details of how I can help on this website, or check out my local business page on Facebook: Palma Mallorca Proofreader and Editor

Developmental editing

Is your plot plausible and compelling? Are your characters believable? Does your story drag at times and zip by too fast at others? Will your readers feel satisfied by the ending? I’ll look at your work objectively and offer constructive feedback on its strengths and weaknesses, and provide suggestions for development and improvement. I'll also focus on any specific concerns you may have. This should give you the tools to turn your manuscript into a better book.

Line and copy-editing

I offer a combination of line and copy-editing which focuses on your writing at word and sentence level, balancing creative style with technical accuracy. Put simply, line editing – also known as stylistic editing – focuses on improving your writing by ensuring that it’s artful in the way that it flows, and correct and consistent in the way that it’s presented. Copy-editing aims to correct the writing by making sentences and paragraphs clear in meaning and consistent in style.

Other services

I'm a professionally trained proofreader. I also provide editorial consultancy such as advice on self-publishing, house style and guidance for writers. Whether you plan to self-publish or submit to agents, there's no avoiding query letters, synopses, back cover blurbs and author biographies – something many writers find far more difficult than writing the book itself. I'll try to reduce your stress and help you fine-tune these, ensuring they are compelling and concise.
‘After a couple of years working on my fifth novel, I had lost track of what I was trying to achieve. Nicky's editorial report helped me enormously. She appeared to understand the book better than I did, and she gave me the encouragement, suggestions and practical solutions I needed for tackling the subsequent edit. I am very glad I sent my manuscript to her.’

Emily Benet

Independent and traditionally published author

‘I contacted Nicky to help me with my current novel, Deaf Wish, primarily because she lives and works in Spain and could provide not only copy-editing and proofreading skills, but was able to appreciate the nuances of a storyline set mainly in Spain and Portugal. It was a fortuitous choice. Not only did I get what I expected to be 'written on the tin', as the advert goes, but I received a highly competent job from a professional with consummate skills, a dedication to detail, and a clear and well-defined system for establishing the language ground rules and for spotting and correcting the erroneous foibles and idiosyncrasies which all authors carry around in their grammatical toolbox. It's down to Nicky that I have stood in the metaphorical corner with my dunce's hat on as she gently chides me for some fairly basic errors and expects better next time. And, there will be a next time. I may not be writing about Spain, maybe about a back street in Barnsley or a train in Grand Central, but I embark on my next project with the comforting knowledge that I shall have Nicky and her detailed style sheet by my side as I venture forth. It's also a pleasure to know that you are dealing with a really nice person.’

Geoff Cook

Author, Deaf Wish

‘I have had the pleasure of working with Nicky Taylor over the last few months in the editing of my novella. Nicky's editing is thorough, precise and empathetic to the writer's voice and subject. Through her comments I have understood and learned how to avoid 'head-hopping', which for me was the most difficult task. In addition, Nicky also sent me many useful links which gave further detailed information about the conveying of different points of view in creative writing. Now that the editing is completed, I feel encouraged and more confident in my skills to continue writing. Her guidance has made me aware of subtle points which could very easily have gone unnoticed. I highly recommend her.’

Heather Smith

Author, The Last Days of Violet Koski

‘As a non-native English writer, I needed professional help to make my suspense short story sound perfectly clear and correct before submitting it to an online competition. When Nicky stepped in with her encouragement, meticulous reading and precise suggestions, I realised that, more than a professional editor, I had actually found a guardian angel to look out for my sentences. The short story narrative has been greatly improved after Nicky´s editing. I cannot recommend her enough. I plan to have her edit the full manuscript of a fiction novel I’ve written, which still requires translation into English. Now that I have found Nicky, she'll be my go-to editor for future writing.’

Thiago Ultra

Author, Need Ink

‘As a first-time author, I asked Nicky to prepare a short review of the manuscript before going on to do the copy-edit. I was thrilled to get her report which was not only a comprehensive analysis of my own style, but also a fascinating insight into writing techniques which covered all aspects of the novel including plot, characterisation, point of view, pacing and tension, dialogue, language and style. The copy-edit that followed was thorough and detailed. I had never imagined how much work would be involved converting my relatively crude manuscript into something that looks professional and I can't thank her enough. As a result of her input and comments, I am supremely confident I have a much better book.’

Norman Hall

Author and director, Good Girl

‘I chose Nicky from a field of six experienced and well-qualified indie editors who had been recommended. I was immediately heartened by her enthusiasm for my MS and my writing style, and by the fact that she was broad-minded enough to immerse herself in the mire of what I (sorry … Richie) had written. Nicky’s enthusiasm shone through beyond her final edit, style sheet and re-worked synopsis. I would wholeheartedly recommend Nicky’s services, and I have already booked in a developmental edit of my current project, The Killing of Richie Malone. I regard commissioning Nicky as money really well spent, and I have total confidence in her judgement, editorial suggestions and professionalism.’

Richard Grainger

Ghostwriter of Richie Malone’s Losing The Plot

‘I chose Nicky to do a developmental edit of my manuscript on the basis of her qualifications and clear website. As this is my first novel, I was unsure about what to expect. I shouldn’t have been worried. Nicky went the extra mile to thoroughly read my nearly 100K novel. She picked apart my work, breaking it down to see how the elements worked, and then brought them back together to assess the whole. The process and outcome were extremely informative: she had spot-on observations and comments, summarised themes and storylines so clearly, and more than that, she suggested something central about the story which had not occurred to me. This was an investment I’m glad I made and would engage Nicky’s services again without hesitation.’

Collette Ridley Fard

Author, Running Back

‘Nicky stepped in as my developmental editor in the middle of my mystery series. If I weren't already committed to my other editor, I would definitely hire Nicky for the rest of the series. She juggled the big-picture story and red-herring details with skill and grace. Her comments were precise, constructive, and encouraging. Nicky's insights into my characters were so spot on that I laughed out loud when I read her memos! I recommend her without hesitation to anyone who wants a full manuscript assessment and edit.’

Rose Donovan

Author, The Mystery of Ruby’s Stiletto (Ruby Dove Mysteries Book 4)

‘Nicky’s editorial report on my novel’s manuscript was impressive; her comments were extensive, detailed and concise, while proposing practical solutions to various issues. She is meticulous, professional and caring. I can’t recommend Nicky’s services highly enough.’

Ioannis Sideris

Author, A Fall in Paris

‘My second novel, Rodanthe's Gift, is historical fiction based in Greece during Ottoman oppression. As a sequel to Kritsotopoula, Girl of Kritsa, it develops three characters I came to know and love, despite their flaws. After working on the new story for over two years, self-doubt held me back from completion. Nicky used a questionnaire to understand my aims and concerns and then provided clear and logical analysis to underpin her constructive feedback with welcome suggestions for reworking. Thanks to Nicky's objective appraisal I gained confidence and motivation to continue. Once completed, Nicky conducted the line/copy-edit within agreed timescales, ensuring clarity and mutual understanding with a style sheet. This led to a thorough, empathetic and collaborative editing experience that I look forward to repeating.’

Yvonne Payne

Author, Kritsotopoula, Girl of Kritsa; Rodanthe's Gift

‘I have now published two books which, without Nicky’s skilful intervention, I know would still be resting in the back of my hard drive. When we first started working together she took my very raw manuscript and, having read it, convinced me that she could make it fit to publish. I remember feeling a surge of confidence from her encouragement and set to work with a will on the corrections and suggestions she provided to me. I have no hesitation in recommending Nicky’s editorial administrations to both established writers and those setting off on the tortuous path of writing. She can, and will, make that path much easier.’

William V Kelly

Author, Until the Fat Man Sings; Place in the Sun

‘I contacted Nicky Taylor to discuss my first book. Within a few minutes of our conversation I knew I had found the right person to help me. Highly recommended. Professional & prompt.’

Jimmy Callaghan

Author, Find Me Fame

‘I’m indebted to Betterwrite for the time and diligence they gave to my novel. I particularly appreciated the observations from Nicky during the development edit, which both tightened the narrative and gave it greater coherence.’

Nick Corble

Author, The Bond (or Last Man Standing)

‘Nicky has written three editorial reports for Betterwrite Literary Consultants and all have been excellent: penetrating, comprehensive and judicious. In the field of fiction she clearly has a high level of professional ability as a development editor. She is also co-operative and reliable, and good to work with. I would recommend her without hesitation.’

Rob Matthews

Director,, Literary Consultants

‘I couldn’t have been more pleased with Nicky’s editing of A Crazy French Rhythm – my first attempt at a novel. It came in exactly when she said it would, and although I was reasonably pleased with what I had written, Nicky had tightened it up beautifully, allowing the narrative to flow far more easily. Her editorial style sheet was incredibly helpful, and her observations of my writing habits embarrassingly accurate! Including overuse of exclamation marks!’

Carolyn Ross

Author, A Crazy French Rhythm

‘I just went over all your corrections to prepare the first few layouts. And I just want to let you know how glad I am to have you! Your suggestions are always great and really feel like “my language” in the end. That’s really taking pressure off from the hectic process – thanks for that support and your great work!’

Stefanie Köhler

Publisher & Editor | CUVÉE & other media

‘Working with Nicky is a delightful experience. She was my editor on the covering letter for my novel, as well as its synopsis. She helped me improve and tighten my query and I believe it’s where it needs to be for submission to agents. Thank you, Nicky, for your expertise and your input!’

Iannis Sideris

Author, A Fall in Paris