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Price guidelines are on the relevant pages of this website, so do please check these first. I aim to be flexible, so if the services outlined don’t quite fit your requirements, or if you’d like to discuss what can be done within your budget, please ask. Some form of editing is always going to be better than none, and I can advise on the best use of your money and time.

Where possible, please include a brief summary or synopsis, total word count, a sample of your work (ideally from the beginning and middle of the manuscript), timescale or deadline, and any other information which you think may be relevant. If your work contains scenes of a graphic or explicit nature, then please include contextual examples. And if you’ve completed your manuscript, please send it – I won’t read it all, but I will be able to assess random chapters which will help me to give you a more accurate (no-obligation) quote.

I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can. My office hours are flexible (within reason!) but please bear in mind I am in Spain which is in the Central European Time (CET) zone (UTC + 1).

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