What editorial services do you offer?

I specialise in developmental editing and line and copy editing, and also provide editorial consultancy. Please note I don’t offer proofreading or formatting, but I’m happy to recommend other editorial colleagues.

Developmental editing, also known as structural or substantive editing, addresses the big-picture issues and looks at how successfully your book works as a whole. Is your plot plausible? Are your characters believable? Does your story drag at times? Is the structure coherent? Does it match reader expectations?

developmental edit looks at your work objectively and offers constructive feedback on its strengths and weaknesses, providing suggestions for development and improvement in the form of an in-depth editorial report and comments throughout the manuscript.

Line and copy editing is editing at sentence level. A line and copy edit will refine your writing and sharpen your narrative. It will also iron out any ambiguity, exposition, unnatural dialogue, repetition, redundancy and awkward syntax, as well as ensuring consistency. 

Line editing – also known as stylistic editing – focuses on style, rhythm and flow. Copy editing concentrates on technical accuracy, consistency and clarity. My approach is non-prescriptive and in tune with your writing style and intentions. 

Which editing service do I need?

If you’ve searched online for definitions of the different types of editing available, it’s possible that you’ll be more confused than ever – even editors can’t agree! Some writers are clear about what editing service they are looking for, whereas others, especially new writers, aren’t so sure. Here are some brief scenarios to help identify the right service for you. 

Developmental editing

  • you’re a first-time author
  • you have a story to tell but you’re unfamiliar with the craft of writing
  • you’re unsure whether various elements of your book work successfully
  • you’ve had some negative feedback
  • you’ve reached a point where you can’t go any further
  • your book could be improved but you’re not sure how
  • you’re writing in a genre that’s new to you
  • you want to learn how to develop your characters and plot  

Line and copy editing

  • you’re confident about the big-picture issues
  • you’re an experienced writer
  • you’ve already had a developmental edit, manuscript critique, or feedback from beta readers
  • you’ve self-edited and reached a point where you can’t do any more
  • you’re concerned your writing doesn’t flow well
  • you want your writing to be polished
  • English isn’t your first language

What matters most is that you’re clear about what services are being offered and what you’ll be getting. With that in mind, here’s an explanation of what I mean when I talk about the different stages of editing.

Once I’ve seen your manuscript, I’ll be able to advise you further, and if you don’t see what you’re looking for, please get in touch and we can see what’s possible. Some form of editing is always going to be better than none, and different manuscripts have different requirements, depending on your personal and publishing goals. 

‘Nicky suggested a combined developmental and line edit for my manuscript. It was an affordable option that really worked for me. This was my first novel and I found Nicky’s support and advice invaluable. She always responded quickly to any queries I had, and I never felt as if any of my questions were too little or insignificant to be answered. Through my collaboration with her I have learned such a lot and feel much more confident in my writing. Nicky really has been a mentor to me, very approachable and my go-to expert. I am already planning to work with her on my next book and would not hesitate to recommend her as an editor!’

Black and white photo of editor Nicky Taylor looking between the fanned pages of a book

When should I contact you?

If you’re interested in working together on your manuscript, please drop me a line sooner rather than later! My calendar is usually full three to six months in advance. However, I recognise the need for flexibility, and manuscripts can take longer to write than planned – plus we all know that life has a habit of getting in the way. So, it’s always worth getting in touch to see what’s possible. 

Before you do, please check the price ranges on the individual service pages to ensure the cost is within your budget and expectations. 

‘As a first-time author, I asked Nicky to prepare a review of my manuscript before going on to do the copy edit. I was thrilled to get her report, which was not only a comprehensive analysis of my own style but also a fascinating insight into writing techniques and covered all aspects of the novel including plot, characterisation, point of view, pacing and tension, dialogue, language and style. The copy edit that followed was thorough and detailed. I had never imagined how much work would be involved converting my relatively crude manuscript into something that looks professional, and I can’t thank her enough. As a result of her input and comments, I am supremely confident I have a much better book.’