‘With self-publishing becoming easier by the day, an aspiring author can take publication of their book into their own hands. It's very exciting to write and publish a book – a lot of work, but a real achievement. But it can be a lonely process. I found it very hard to see the mistakes and glitches in my own work, however many times I checked through it. I knew that I needed a good editor!

‘So I was very lucky to find Nicky Taylor, who worked patiently on my manuscript, making suggestions and knocking it into shape, really encouraging me to get it right. Nicky gave me the confidence I needed to work towards publication. She also stuck with me until the project was complete, helping with the title and the blurb, and even ideas for the cover.

‘Nicky became a part of the team which helped to bring my book to publication and made it a lot more fun. Thank you, Nicky!’

Editorial consultancy (for existing clients only)

It was no doubt deeply satisfying when you first typed those magical words ‘The End’, but you’ve probably realised that was just the beginning! Whichever publishing route you choose, there is always more work to be done, but I’m here to help. I only do consultancy work with existing clients, so I’m fully invested and have a solid overview and understanding of your book. It’s all about teamwork, and that doesn’t have to end once the editing process is complete!


Many authors find writing a synopsis particularly challenging. There are certain guidelines that should be adhered to when submitting to agents, and I can help ensure these are followed. If you’re self-publishing, the cover blurb and online descriptions are vital selling tools, and you want them to do your book justice.  

If you’re unsure what the best route to publication is for you, or you’re confused or concerned about the myriad of options available today, take a step back and allow me to relieve your stress. Here are some examples of areas where I can help (and if I can’t, I’ll do my best to put you in touch with someone who can):

  • self-publishing advice
  • agent submissions: query letters and synopses
  • help with revise and resubmit (R&R) requests
  • back-cover blurbs, online descriptions
  • author biographies, website copy

‘In her capacity as a consultant-slash-developmental editor, I continue to find Nicky’s support and assistance an invaluable crutch, and being able to bounce ideas has got me out of a creative void on many occasions. Her objective and honest advice has saved me many an hour of pulling paper from the typewriter, balling it and hurling it in frustration in the direction of the wastepaper basket. Writing can be a lonely occupation, and when one has an inkling that one's great idea may fail to transcend mediocrity into that legacy-defining opus magnum, it is good to have this confirmed sooner rather than later! And conversely, Nicky’s enthusiasm and encouragement for my writing projects continues to inspire me to chase that elusive dream.’

How much does it cost?

Editorial consultancy rates, including Zoom calls, are from €60 per hour.

  • Example 1: a back-cover blurb or Amazon description, including collaboration time, takes on average around 2 hours to edit. 
  • Example 2: a 45-minute Zoom call with follow-up email will likely total 1 hour.