Queries, synopses, blurbs etc

Many authors find writing the synopsis, blurb and other supporting material far more tricky than the manuscript itself. But whether you’re self-publishing or submitting to agents, there’s no avoiding it.

I’ve recently completed some specialist training (see my About page for full details of my qualifications, training and CPD) and I’m excited to be offering this as a new service. I can help and advise with the following:

  • query letters
  • synopses
  • back-cover blurbs
  • elevator pitches
  • biographies

Don’t just take my word for it; check out what other writers have to say about working with me on my Testimonials page.

‘Working with Nicky is a delightful experience. She was my editor on the covering letter for my novel, as well as its synopsis. She helped me improve and tighten my query and I believe it’s where it needs to be for submission to agents. Thank you, Nicky, for your expertise and your input!’

Iannis Sideris

Author, A Fall in Paris


Proofreading is the final polish, enabling you to publish with confidence, knowing that your readers aren’t going to be distracted by irritating typos and spelling mistakes. This is the last thorough review where I’ll look for any errors which have slipped through or been more recently introduced (during formatting, for example). This includes the following checks:

  • spelling, grammar and punctuation
  • clarity of meaning
  • consistency of style
  • typography
  • formatting

Proofreading is often used as a generic term, so many people think they want their work proofread when in fact they want a copy-edit. Once I’ve seen a sample, if it’s apparent that it needs editing rather than proofreading, I will advise you accordingly. Please note that I only offer proofreading for non-fiction, or for fiction that I have edited.


Editing of query letters, synopses, blurbs and author biographies, and any other editorial consultancy work, will be charged at an hourly rate of 35€*.

Proofreading rates start at 12€* per 1,000 words, depending on the length and complexity of the text, turnaround time and the level of intervention required.

Proofreading of PDFs or web copy and projects with a word count below 10,000 will be charged at an hourly rate, starting at 50€* for the first hour (minimum charge) and then reducing to 35€*.

For self-publishing clients: if I’ve already edited the work in question, I will proofread the final formatted version prior to publication at a significantly reduced rate.

If the total fee is more than 200€, or to make a booking in advance, a deposit of 50% is required with the balance due on completion. Otherwise, payment is due in advance unless previously agreed.

If your work is urgent and requires me to work unsociable hours – early mornings, evenings or weekends – then I can be flexible but my rates will be higher accordingly.

* All fees are in euros and exclude IVA (Spanish VAT) at 21%. I’m a Spanish resident and registered as autónomo. Payment is accepted via debit or credit card, or bank transfer (via your bank or TransferWise, CurrencyFair etc) to my Spanish bank account.