Don’t just take my word for it! Here’s what my clients have to say about working with me. And, I’m pleased to say, the feeling’s mutual. I’m lucky to work in a profession that I love, and it’s a gift to be able to help writers achieve their personal and publishing goals. Maybe you’ll feature here soon too!

Nicky's help was central to the (very unexpected) success of Shock Therapy. She really contributed to the shape of the narrative, as well as having a great eye for detail. I'm now in discussion on TV and film rights and have decided to spend next year writing full-time. When I’ve got a decent draft of the sequel, The Beijing Book Club, I won't hesitate to go straight back to Nicky for round two. I couldn't recommend Nicky highly enough.’

‘I thoroughly enjoyed working with Nicky as my editor on my second novel, A Rather Difficult Conundrum. Her professionalism, from getting up to speed and reading my first novel, The Biscuit Barrel Murder, for continuity purposes, to the final edit, was outstanding. She left no stone unturned, from fact-checking to producing editorial reports and a style sheet. Once she had completed the line edit and copy edit it was good to go. My publisher sent me the final manuscript for proofreading, and it was perfect! Above all she encouraged me, pointing out a few plot areas that needed clarification, and helped me to enhance my writing. I’m looking forward to working with Nicky again on my third novel, working title A Taxing Issue.’

‘Nicky Taylor did a fantastic job with my novel. I was a rank amateur and completely clueless when it came to editing. Nicky patiently guided me through the whole process, making it as painless as possible. She provided me with a professional finished product that I am proud to offer for sale. I highly recommend Nicky to anyone looking for a top-notch editor.’

‘I’m naturally a rambling writer. I have ideas, throw them on the page, rewrite sections and try to create an of order of events. However, having the attention span of a goldfish, I go word-blind and spend days scrolling through my work, trying to make sense of the whole thing.

‘The most important member of any publishing team is the editor. It’s not just a matter of spellchecking and grammar. The editor must take our jumbled-up and erratic story and put it into a readable book. This involves many hours of patient work, reading and rereading every word, its context, its position, and its meaning in relation to the rest of the story. A good book must flow. I have read several good books which could have been great. But I get irritated by the author repeating themselves, or stories going nowhere, only to re-emerge later with no coherent link.

‘Nicky patiently picks my book to pieces, cuts out irrelevant ramblings. Lets me know if I stray into irrelevance and suggests where I need to elaborate. When she presents me with the final product, it’s been transformed. So, if you enjoy my books, give a thought to Nicky, who made them the best they can be.

Thank you, Nicky. You are certainly the best.

'Nicky is a fantastic, affirming, precise, and constructive developmental and line editor. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her now on two books over the course of a few years, and was astounded by her memory of small details about the main character that even I had forgotten.

Developmental editing is an art involving a high level of expertise, skill, and alchemy. Nicky has it all. It’s rare to find someone who can so easily move between a narrative arc and small – but vital – details, especially in a mystery novel. Her stylistic edits make your prose flow with ease, and her comments always teach you something in the process. I highly recommend giving your next manuscript to Nicky so she can work her magic!

Nicky is superb. Her work on The Boomer Crew was excellent. Even my proofreader said he had never seen a book, published or unpublished, that had been punctuated so immaculately. She also improved the story's pace, narrative flow, consistency of POV, and other more intangibles. Overall I'd love to work with her again as she undoubtedly improved my manuscript in all areas.’

‘I chose a combined edit for my manuscript. It was an affordable option that really worked for me. This was my first novel and I found Nicky’s support and advice invaluable. She always responded quickly to any queries I had, and I never felt as if any of my questions were too little or insignificant to be answered. Through my collaboration with her I have learned such a lot and feel much more confident in my writing. Nicky really has been a mentor to me, very approachable and my go-to expert. I am already planning to work with her on my next book and would not hesitate to recommend her as an editor!’

‘Look no further. You have found an editor who truly cares about you and your manuscript. Nicky Taylor is fantastic! Her gentle approach to suggested edits and her ideas as to what to cut and how to expand my story made all the difference in the final manuscript. Nicky was super responsive to my questions and gave honest feedback. Besides being a professional who takes her job seriously, she is also a kind-hearted spirit who will guide you to the final page.’

‘Working with Nicky Taylor was a wonderful experience from start to finish. Having completed my first draft manuscript and as a new author, I was ignorant of the editing process. I approached four potential editors. Nicky was the only one who didn’t rush to sell me an off-the-shelf product, taking the time to understand my motivations for writing and whether we would collaborate well together. She explained in detail how she could assist me in producing a better book and, from that point, I always felt that she completely bought into my goals for the book. We were a team, with different perspectives at times, but with one objective in mind: to produce the best book we could.

‘Nicky brought insights and perspectives to my novel that I hadn’t seen before and some of her advice was absolutely critical to shaping the second draft. There have been so many pieces of advice that have undoubtedly made me a better writer and will be taken forward into a sequel. I certainly look forward to our next collaboration. Anyone working with Nicky on their manuscript will be in for a great experience. Trust her and you will end up with a better book.’

‘Nicky was awesome and stuck with me throughout my entire series. Her care and expertise helped make these books something to be proud of. Thank you for helping me be a better and more confident writer.’

‘Even if you think your English is perfect and you have superlative grammar, complete understanding of the split infinitive and know how to spell “mediaeval” correctly, you still need Nicky Taylor to edit your manuscript. She does far more than you expect, and not only picks out the places where you didn't write what you thought you wrote but gets deep into the heart of what you are trying to do and lives it with you.

She is painstaking, thorough, and totally professional. I cannot think how, now, I could work with any other editor. Nicky is also kind and courteous, and does exactly what she says she will do. No praise is good enough!

‘In 2020 I completed the final draft of my memoir and had the great fortune of being introduced to Nicky Taylor. Within two months, I received a thorough, brilliantly composed editorial report that highlighted the strengths of the book and detailed areas of improvement. I used portions of this report to finalize my manuscript, to query literary agents and finally, to recently land a six-figure book deal with a major American publisher, Avid Reader Press, an imprint of Simon & Schuster. I could not be more thrilled, and I credit that early work with Nicky for helping to get me here today!

‘I would highly recommend Nicky to any writer, of any experience level. I have found her keen eye and thorough approach to editing an invaluable asset in my project and I’ve learned so much from her insight and genuine desire to make my manuscript the best it could be. She is both fair and objective in her approach, taking a much-needed dispassionate view on how the story reads. This has helped me enormously as it’s all too easy to fall in love with your own characters and not see them from the unbiased point of view a reader would. From the basic no-nos to the more nuanced "best practice" of fiction writing, Nicky covers it all, and thank goodness for her help and support. I’m certainly looking forward to working with her on my next project.’

‘Over the course of my career, I’ve confidently written countless articles, features, press releases, and video and radio scripts. But penning a novel is different from writing non-fiction. Was my manuscript good enough for publication? Reminding myself that using a professional editor didn’t mean losing control of my work, I hired Nicky’s services. Her input was a revelation, enabling me to make relatively small changes that made a big difference to the final MS. And it was a pleasure working with her.

‘Not only have Nicky’s expertise and experience significantly improved my debut novel, what I’ve learnt will be beneficial when I draft the second.’

‘After several years of writing and rewriting my first crime thriller novel, I had reached an impasse. I decided that I wanted to go down the self-publishing route, but before putting my novel out into the world I knew I needed to hire an editor. Finding Nicky helped me achieve that dream. Hiring her to do a combined developmental and line edit of my novel was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Nicky took my novel and constructively and sensitively went through it line by line, providing me with professional and supportive feedback, help, comments and suggestions while keeping my voice and style of writing intact.

‘Nicky’s editorial report and style sheet were exemplary, and I was blown away by how detailed and instructive they were. They have helped show me where I needed to condense and expand my writing and develop my characters further, while at the same time killing my darlings, as the saying goes, who weren’t necessary to the story, and improving upon my spelling, grammar and syntax, to make my novel snappier and stand out.

‘It has been a privilege to collaborate with her, and to anyone out there who is looking for an editor themselves, I say this: you couldn’t be in a better or safer pair of hands. I would highly recommend Nicky to you. I have learned a great deal from her, which I will take with me as I venture into my next novel.’

‘I cannot recommend Nicky highly enough. She provides a very thorough and professional service in all aspects of editing, and she does it in such a diplomatic way. Not only is it constructively worthy, but also supportive enough to raise your own self-esteem as opposed to making you feel a right idiot! Nicky has the ability of suggesting changes in a way that is sensitive to your own style of writing, and it’s done in such a friendly way. I was really impressed with the amount of detail she checked during her line editing, which thankfully included correcting the spelling of some known names. I've learnt so much from her along the way. This lovely lady has transformed my memoir manuscript into a readable book that I feel very proud of. Thank you, Nicky.’

‘With self-publishing becoming easier by the day, an aspiring author can take publication of their book into their own hands. It's very exciting to write and publish a book – a lot of work, but a real achievement. But it can be a lonely process. I found it very hard to see the mistakes and glitches in my own work, however many times I checked through it. I knew that I needed a good editor!

‘So I was very lucky to find Nicky Taylor, who worked patiently on my manuscript, making suggestions and knocking it into shape, really encouraging me to get it right. Nicky gave me the confidence I needed to work towards publication. She also stuck with me until the project was complete, helping with the title and the blurb, and even ideas for the cover.

‘Nicky became a part of the team which helped to bring my book to publication and made it a lot more fun. Thank you, Nicky!’

‘Nicky's input to my book on the wines of the Canary Islands was outstanding. Her involvement was as copy editor and proofreader – tasks completed to the very highest standard. Her proficiency in her field is without question, and her work ethic and attention to detail blew me away. Let me put it this way: thousands of eyes have now pored over the pages of the published book and no grammatical issues or typos have been detected. Furthermore, Nicky went above and beyond to assist me with last-minute adjustments to ensure that I ended up with a book that I was 100% happy with. What more can one ask for? An attentive and pleasant interaction throughout the job, perhaps? Well, judging by my experience with Nicky, that's what her impressive professional offer is built upon.’

‘I contacted Nicky to help me with my current novel, Deaf Wish, primarily because she lives and works in Spain and could provide not only copy editing and proofreading skills but was able to appreciate the nuances of a storyline set mainly in Spain and Portugal.

‘It was a fortuitous choice. Not only did I get what I expected to be "written on the tin", as the advert goes, but I received a highly competent job from a professional with consummate skills, a dedication to detail, and a clear and well-defined system for establishing the language ground rules and for spotting and correcting the erroneous foibles and idiosyncrasies which all authors carry around in their grammatical toolbox. It’s down to Nicky that I have stood in the metaphorical corner with my dunce’s hat on as she gently chides me for some fairly basic errors and expects better next time.

‘And there will be a next time. I may not be writing about Spain, maybe about a back street in Barnsley or a train in Grand Central, but I embark on my next project with the comforting knowledge that I shall have Nicky and her detailed style sheet by my side as I venture forth. It’s also a pleasure to know that you are dealing with a really nice person.’

‘After a couple of years working on my fifth novel, I had lost track of what I was trying to achieve. Nicky’s editorial report helped me enormously. She appeared to understand the book better than I did, and she gave me the encouragement, suggestions and practical solutions I needed for tackling the subsequent edit. I am very glad I sent my manuscript to her.’

‘In her capacity as a consultant-slash-developmental editor, I continue to find Nicky’s support and assistance an invaluable crutch, and being able to bounce ideas has got me out of a creative void on many occasions. Her objective and honest advice has saved me many an hour of pulling paper from the typewriter, balling it and hurling it in frustration in the direction of the wastepaper basket. Writing can be a lonely occupation, and when one has an inkling that one's great idea may fail to transcend mediocrity into that legacy-defining opus magnum, it is good to have this confirmed sooner rather than later! And conversely, Nicky’s enthusiasm and encouragement for my writing projects continues to inspire me to chase that elusive dream.’

‘After writing a trilogy, I submitted my first novel, Girl on a Golden Pillow, to Nicky, in the hope it would not be returned to me as amateurish, unreadable and/or unworkable, as fully expected. Instead, I received immense encouragement, welcome guidance – especially when it came to writing a love scene – and identification of the errors in pacing and plot. She questioned some plotlines and timelines, and advised on how the narrative could be written more effectively. She offered reassuring compliments all the way through as well as objective criticism. For me, it made the writing and the rewriting enjoyable, and even helped formulate the plots in the next two books.’

‘As a first-time author, I asked Nicky to prepare a review of my manuscript before going on to do the copy edit. I was thrilled to get her report, which was not only a comprehensive analysis of my own style but also a fascinating insight into writing techniques and covered all aspects of the novel including plot, characterisation, point of view, pacing and tension, dialogue, language and style. The copy edit that followed was thorough and detailed. I had never imagined how much work would be involved converting my relatively crude manuscript into something that looks professional, and I can’t thank her enough. As a result of her input and comments, I am supremely confident I have a much better book.’

‘I have had the pleasure of working with Nicky over the last few months in the editing of my novella. Nicky’s editing is thorough, precise, and empathetic to the writer’s voice and subject.

‘Through her comments I have understood and learned how to avoid "head-hopping", which for me was the most difficult task. In addition, Nicky also sent me many useful links which gave further detailed information about the conveying of different points of view in creative writing.

‘Now that the editing has been completed, I feel encouraged and more confident in my skills to continue writing. Her guidance has made me aware of subtle points which could very easily have gone unnoticed. I highly recommend her.’

‘As a non-native English writer, I needed professional help to make my suspense short story sound perfectly clear and correct before submitting it to an online competition. When Nicky stepped in with her encouragement, meticulous reading and precise suggestions, I realised that, more than a professional editor, I had actually found a guardian angel to look out for my sentences.

‘The short story narrative has been greatly improved after Nicky's editing. I cannot recommend her enough. I plan to have her edit the full manuscript of a novel I’ve written which still requires translation into English. Now that I have found Nicky, she’ll be my go-to editor for future writing.’

‘I chose Nicky from a field of six experienced and well-qualified indie editors who had been recommended. I was immediately heartened by her enthusiasm for my MS and my writing style, and by the fact that she was broad-minded enough to immerse herself in the mire of what I (sorry … Richie) had written. Nicky’s enthusiasm shone through beyond her final edit, style sheet and reworked synopsis. I would wholeheartedly recommend Nicky’s services, and I have already booked in a developmental edit of my current project, The Killing of Richie Malone. I regard commissioning Nicky as money really well spent, and I have total confidence in her judgement, editorial suggestions and professionalism.’

‘I chose Nicky to do a developmental edit of my manuscript on the basis of her qualifications and clear website. As this is my first novel, I was unsure about what to expect. I shouldn’t have been worried. Nicky went the extra mile to thoroughly read my nearly 100K novel. She picked apart my work, breaking it down to see how the elements worked, and then brought them back together to assess the whole. The process and outcome were extremely informative: she had spot-on observations and comments, summarised themes and storylines so clearly, and more than that, she suggested something central about the story which had not occurred to me. This was an investment I’m glad I made and I would engage Nicky’s services again without hesitation.’

‘After enjoying Nicky’s expertise and support to edit my historical novel Rodanthe’s Gift, I had no hesitation in turning to her for help with my latest project, Explore Kritsa. In this non-fiction guide to a village on the Greek island of Crete, I needed to convey my affection for Kritsa plus historical and cultural facts in my chosen light-hearted style. In the second part of the book I "lead" people on walks in the village and countryside so need to provide clarity. As expected, Nicky delivered well in these areas by checking facts, probing and offering solutions to muddled sentences. However, I hadn’t realised my sketch maps also needed checking, and her attention to detail will prevent me losing readers on hillsides and in olive groves.

‘Nicky added particular value by identifying I’d skipped over places to eat and quite rightly pointed out the importance of food to the success of a holiday. As a result, I rewrote the chapter and now it is one of my favourites.

‘By understanding my aims, and putting herself in my reader’s walking boots, Nicky ensured my book is as good as it can be.’

‘Nicky stepped in as my developmental editor in the middle of my mystery series. If I weren’t already committed to my other editor, I would definitely hire Nicky for the rest of the series. She juggled the big-picture story and red-herring details with skill and grace. Her comments were precise, constructive, and encouraging. Nicky’s insights into my characters were so spot on that I laughed out loud when I read her memos! I recommend her without hesitation to anyone who wants a full manuscript assessment and edit.’

‘Nicky is a wonderful person to work with. She is timely, thorough, kind and has the ability to suggest improvements, increase clarity and help the writer become better by offering constructive guidance. I enjoyed learning loads in the process. The editorial style sheet that she provides is set out in a professional manner, and Nicky is generous with her time in answering questions and also offering advice with back cover blurb and cover design. I would definitely work with Nicky again.’

‘Nicky did such a good job on my debut novel, Good Girl, that I didn’t hesitate to ask her to edit my second one, entitled The Awakening. I had to book her several months in advance, but she carried out the work as arranged, on time and to a very high standard. She is a pleasure to deal with and I can thoroughly recommend her. When I get round to writing another, she will be my only choice.’

‘Nicky’s editorial report on my novel’s manuscript was impressive; her comments were extensive, detailed and concise, while proposing practical solutions to various issues. She is meticulous, professional and caring. I can’t recommend Nicky’s services highly enough.’

‘Nicky has written three editorial reports for Betterwrite Literary Consultants and all have been excellent: penetrating, comprehensive and judicious. In the field of fiction she clearly has a high level of professional ability as a development editor. She is also co-operative and reliable, and good to work with. I would recommend her without hesitation.’

‘My second novel, Rodanthe’s Gift, is historical fiction based in Greece during Ottoman oppression. As a sequel to Kritsotopoula, Girl of Kritsa, it develops three characters I came to know and love, despite their flaws.

‘After working on the new story for over two years, self-doubt held me back from completion. Nicky used a questionnaire to understand my aims and concerns and then provided clear and logical analysis to underpin her constructive feedback with welcome suggestions for reworking. Thanks to Nicky’s objective appraisal I gained confidence and motivation to continue.

‘Once completed, Nicky conducted the line and copy edit within agreed timescales, ensuring clarity and mutual understanding with a style sheet. This led to a thorough, empathetic and collaborative editing experience that I look forward to repeating.’

‘Working with Nicky is a delightful experience. She was my editor on the covering letter for my novel, as well as its synopsis. She helped me improve and tighten my query and I believe it’s where it needs to be for submission to agents. Thank you, Nicky, for your expertise and your input!’

‘I am grateful for the opportunity to praise Nicky Taylor’s superb skills as a proofreader and editor. I have now published two books which, without her skilful intervention, I know would still be resting in the back of my hard drive.

‘When we first started working together she took my very raw manuscript and, having read it, convinced me that she could make it fit to publish. I remember feeling a surge of confidence from her encouragement and set to work with a will on the corrections and suggestions she provided to me. I still marvel at the level of detail unearthed by the scrutiny she applied consistently over the whole novel. No errant comma was missed and no section of text was left leaving the reader puzzled by the meaning.

‘Relentless in her application to ensure the text was as flawless as possible she nonetheless presented her corrections in a caring and gentle manner. This attribute I found essential as it fostered an excellent relationship between writer and editor.

‘I have no hesitation in recommending Nicky’s editorial administrations to both established writers and those setting off on the tortuous path of writing. She can and will make that path much easier.’

‘I couldn’t have been more pleased with Nicky’s editing of A Crazy French Rhythm – my first attempt at a novel. It came in exactly when she said it would, and although I was reasonably pleased with what I had written, Nicky had tightened it up beautifully, allowing the narrative to flow far more easily. Her editorial style sheet was incredibly helpful, and her observations of my writing habits embarrassingly accurate! Including overuse of exclamation marks!’

‘I contacted Nicky Taylor to discuss my first book. Within a few minutes of our conversation I knew I had found the right person to help me. Highly recommended. Professional and prompt.’

‘I’m indebted to Betterwrite for the time and diligence they gave to my novel. I particularly appreciated the observations from Nicky during the development edit, which both tightened the narrative and gave it greater coherence.’

‘I just went over all your corrections to prepare the first few layouts. And I just want to let you know how glad I am to have you! 🙂 Your suggestions are always great and really feel like “my language” in the end. That’s really taking pressure off from the hectic process – thanks for that support and your great work!